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Originally Posted by radioguy View Post
Hey guys,

I'm the new owner of a 1979 C-22. I have a few (haha) questions about the rigging. I've taken photos so that you can see what I'm talking about.

In the below image, does this look like the correct rigging for the mainsheet? It seems to work well when I swing the boom out, etc. And I like that it could be adjusted from either end.

-That looks fine.

In the below image, I'm showing the jib lines. Does it seem to be routed correctly? Also, the thin line is the jib downhaul. Where would you cleat it?
Would you rather these two lines be placed by the jib halyard and all be controlled there?

Yes, the downhaul and the halyard should be near enough to each other to control both at the same time. Where is your jib halyard?

-The Jib sheet should be outside of the lifelines.

In the below two images, I'm looking at the clew of the main sail. The line runs through a pulley at the end of the boom and then runs along the boom to a weird kind of non-moving cam (I don't know the name of this thing.) It looks like this is a line I can pull to "stretch the foot" of the sail.

You're correct. That is your outhaul.


In the below two images, I'm looking at a pulley that hangs off the aft part of the mast. I'm guessing this pulley has a line that runs to the pulley on the boom (in the second picture.) If this is somewhat correct, I can't seem to figure out how to tie the line off. It's just some pulleys.

-I believe what you are looking at there are your lazy jacks. The should be tied to the boom in such a way as to capture the mainsail and keep it somewhat contained on the boom until you flake it and tie it down with sail ties.

In the below two images, I'm looking at a line that is hanging off the leach of the main sail. It's a long line, and I don't know what to do with it. I guess it is for reefing. I'm also showing a picture of the boom where a pulley sits that I pulled the line through. Where would it go after that?

-That would be a reefing line for when you need to shorten sail.

Lastly, in the below image, I'm looking at a line hanging off the main sail. Again, I have no idea where this would run to.

Thank you kindly for any input!

That is also a reefing line.

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