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Originally Posted by sailingdog View Post
Asking what browser a person is using is a valid troubleshooting question. Some servers, due to the web daemon they are running and the various technologies they are using are known to have issues with some browsers. Only a Mircosoft fanboy moron would say that just because Microsoft illegally used it monopoly power to force a sorry piece of **** program like Internet Explorer on the vast majority of the computers, that it qualifies as a standard of any sort.

I'd point out that France and Germany—the countries—have issued warning about using IE in its various versions as major security risks. The fact that corporations have locked their configurations and force people to use IE is no excuse for the problems that IE has.

Yes, the majority of the problems on Sailnet are due to bottlenecking from the advertising servers that are used to generate the ads.

I am willing to bet that your company is a Microsoft partner and that many of the websites you've designed aren't W3C compliant and buggy as crap on something other than IE.
Okay - first, the site is slow. No doubt. It's slow on virtually every browser and platform known to modern man. And, it's the ad and analytics servers that cause the most disruption. So looking4 is right.

Granted FF with Adblock has been a great solution as far as I've seen. But, jeez, what a crock. For an ad-supported site to get bogged down so much by the golden eggs that you have to kill the goose? Time to look for another ad agency.

Beyond that, I've taken great pleasure in seeing terms like "moron", "shill", etc. bandied about. Nice and spicy gentlemen.

However, Dog, I must take you to task for the above personal attack. When you call someone a "Microsoft fanboy" you have not only crossed the line of sailing forum etiquette, but you have greatly embarrassed yourself as a code-ninja when you add to that injury the insult that "you are willing to bet" looking4's work is "buggy as crap" on non-IE platforms in light of the undeniable fact that IE still has the lion's share of the market. That's the sure sign of someone who codes open-source template websites for friends and family in their underwear (NTTAWWT) - not one who does real work for Fortune 500 companies.

I think someone owes someone an apology.

PS - Looking4wind - welcome to SN dude. Go post something about sailing will ya?

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