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Originally Posted by cb32863 View Post
My point was I shouldn't HAVE to switch browsers to use this site.
And the stand on vessel shouldn't have to yield to the give way vessel, but sometime it must.

Originally Posted by cb32863 View Post
That mindset is just plain stupid...
Some might call it practical. (There are other reasons to shun IE, but you don't care so I won't bother.)

Originally Posted by looking4wind View Post
One of my biggest pet peeves is when a few people are having problems with a site, some moron has to chime in with "What browser are you using?".
Oddly enough: Sometimes switching browsers can "fix" a problem.

Originally Posted by looking4wind View Post
I am a network engineer, ...
An MS-centric "network engineer" at an MS-Centric shop, from the looks of it.

Originally Posted by looking4wind View Post
... this site has been SLOW!.

And slow on all platforms.

The problem is with the ads or the tracking ( No question about it. Not IE, connection, or anything else.
That would appear to be the case.

Originally Posted by looking4wind View Post
PS - IE7 and IE8 have about 70-80% of the market share. That makes it the DEFACTO STANDARD.
Well, I guessed that one right, didn't I?

Originally Posted by JohnRPollard View Post
Okay guys, as previously mentioned, we know there's a problem and Admin has been trying to get it sorted.
John, the problem is clearly with the some of the plethora of advert and advert-supporting sites SailNet is loading up with every page. I currently have three (3) domains in my ABP list, all of them as a result of visiting SN. In fact: It was the poor performance of SN, engendered by some of its adverts, that caused me to install Adblock Plus in the first place.

I rarely, if ever, have this problem at any of the other sites I visit. Some of them have very high traffic volumes, but manage to survive w/o trashing their sites with a bunch of adverts. A couple others have lots of adverts, but somehow seem to avoid the lousy advert servers that would drag their sites into the slow lane.

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