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Seattle (Bellevue/Renton) Atomic 4 rebuilding

Hi everyone -

I am in the process of trying to get 1-2 good Atomic 4s from 3 bad ones. They are all late model (oil fill over tranny) - 2 "latest" model (flat flywheel cover). Don Moyer has been helping me on this & already owe him lots of gratitude & an order.

I am looking for ppl who may be interested in working or advising on this in any capacity. I will likely have left over A4 stuff, happy to barter work or parts or even a loaner on the boat - hope to have it in the San Juans in 2 weeks (27 ft Newport). Looking to do this quickly and on a budget for at least for one of the motors. The other may be a good candidate for a higher quality rebuild.

IF U KNOW people with machine shops / motor rebuilders in the area, pls. let me know. I have the motors currently in our shop by 405 in N. Renton / S. Bellevue. I am looking for most of the following (tbd): Block welding, shaft balance, journal bearings, honing, oversized rings, magnaflux, hot tank - ON A budget - i.e. Renton/Auburn, not Yacht club rates.

Total are 3 motors - except 1 missing head, missing heat exchanger. Most parts are great, others horribly corroded,

1 fresh cooled but submerged, pistons frozen & immovable even w/out crankshaft. (#3)

Basics of the motors:

1. Cracked block/raw cooled (#1)
removed from boat-
Newer model (flat flywheel cover)
raw water cooled
Rebuilt water pump, new fuel tank/filters/hoses/wires, etc.
Start easily & ran well, good compression (90+ on all), generally well maintained, but not properly winterized - has freeze cracks. Got water in oil, but ran only v. little after that & internals look all good so far.
Carb looks clean & seems to run well but lots of vibration - good power, easy starting, no stalling. Lots of steam coming from oil fill when under power.

Current GUESS at a plan - suggestions appreciated - check to see if block can be welded - internal & external cracks visible (oil pan off). If so, possibly just weld (hopefully entire block w/ trans & pistons etc. can be heated in an oven to get a high quality weld?) -
light valve work
wire brush water passages,
new gaskets
? pull mainshaft & check for balance, polish
? pull camshaft & do heavier valve work
? new journal bearings (very lightly scored)
Put back in boat

2. Dissasembled motor - down to block, cylinders out of round but seems good/raw cooled (#2),
former owner was going to have rebored /honed
Rebuilt starter
Older new model - cast iron flywheel cover
Parts mostly covered in surface rust, including crankshaft - probably not usable

3. Motor on dolly - block bare except valves & cam still there, pistons frozen, mainshaft out
Fresh water cooled - probably a good block
Was submerged - gearbox looks v. bad, but mainshaft looks fairly good as do the journal bearings. lots of surface rust around valves, oil was the worst i've seen in my life, like a very thick cold milkshake, but it probably wasn't run w/ this oil as this was submerged.
Flat plate over flywheel

A plan MAY be to take the block & head & pistons from motor 3 & combine with with the rebuilt starter and the rest of the components from the motor that was on the boat.

Given that we are trying to do this somewhat quickly, I think I should order the gasket set now, but wonder if there are any other components I should order at this time so as to avoid delays. I am thinking a set of motor mounts would be good also.

1978 Newport 27 in Bellevue / Seattle - Atomic 4 next door to 'house' boat

1978 Newport 27 in Bellevue / Seattle - Atomic 4 next door to 'house' boat
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