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Fairmetal hulls / Orgami constuction

Not a response to your last question but in line with your possible interest in metal boats, take a look at the type of construction in the title. As a metal boat owner and former welder/shipfitter I think they are the way to go. Construction is cheaper (less labor) and longevity improved. ( most metal boat die from the inside out due to moisture collecting on the many pockets on the longitudinals). I am fairly sure that Jimmy Corrnell's boat is a french 'fairmetal'.

As to the 'COLDNESS' of a metal hull, it is I think much overblown. Single skin glass and metal hulls are only marginally different when it comes to condensation etc. Any hull needs to be insulated and my hull has about 2.5" of spray in place foam and it does not get much better than that. Modern glass hulls with interior liners seem to me to be a goofy waste. Consumers want/expect a very pretty high degree of finish and the manufacturer's add all that weight and create a situation where you may not notice the condensation but it is DRIPPING into the bilge through the HIDDEN/INACESSABLE voids between the hull and liner and if your lucky and if your not lucky it pools and leaks into the interior and causes mildew mold problems. What if you get a pucture in the hull, how do you get to it to stop it if it is hidden by the stupid liner and the void behind the liner lets the water travel every which way. I am not a fan of modern boat construction and drop in liners. The older hulls (or current hulls) that are single skin (or cored) and have the interior built right to the hull make more sense to me.

Metal hulls are easier to modify. Weld or bolt most anything anywhere and you have increadable strength while with a glass/wood hull you have to worry/fret about where and how to mount and reinforce.

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