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Originally Posted by serenespeed View Post
Lines led aft - The area I can't quite get my mind wrapped around is the lines coming off the boom... So say I want to run an outhaul and two reefing lines for the reefing clews back to the cockpit. Getting the lines running toward the mast seems simple enough, but what about the downturn? Suppose the lines arenít internal, they're running alongside the boom, what hardware do I use to make the downturn? How do I avoid interfering with the Boomvang? And - I've always wondered this - when the boom is pointing directly aft, won't the tension on the lines be different (increase/decrease) as it swings to the side?
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Yes, most systems that have lines going from a moving object (boom) to a none moving one (mast) will do this. But the change is minimal.

Don't run the outhaul back to the cockpit. Keep it about 1/2 way on the boom and make it at least a 4:1.

If you call harken, they'll help you with specific part numbers to put together a really nice kit for you.

Remember, anytime a line goes over a block, under a sheeve, through a clutch, it adds friction. The longer the run, the more turns it'll have to take, and the more friction will be created. Jump on another boat and raise the main halyard from the cockpit. Then jump it from the mast. Huge difference, and it's only a couple extra peices of hardware.

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