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PERTINENT ADVICE for blocking a P30 on the hard with jackstands:

If you dont set the jackstands correctly on a P30 when storing on land you will be ultimately surprised with significant hull deflection ---- a P30 CANNOT have ALL its weight setting DIRECTLY on the keel.

1. the aft section of the keel at the bottom is HOLLOW and should NOT have any blocking under the HOLLOW portion. This risks breaking the hollow section and MOST IMPORTANTLY will cause the aft end of the KEEL to 'rotate' INTO the hull. This 'rotating' will cause sometimes SEVERE hull deflection - especially UNDER THE ICE BOX area and the area under the quarterberth locker!!!!!

How to correctly block a P30 (should be given to the yard when hauling and blocking a P30):

1. Set one block 'just aft' of the keel leading edge bottom
2. Find the hollow aft section of the keel by tapping and place the second block about 8-12 inches IN FRONT of the area of the 'hollow' - this will be a straight line down from where the aft part of the keel 'flares' to meet the flat sections under the hull. If the second block is aft of this 'imaginary line' then the keel will deflect INTO the aft section of the hull and you WILL get 'deflection'
3. Premark on the waterline where the vee berth bulkhead meets the hull (small square made from 'tape', etc.)
4. Premark on the waterline where the quarterberth 'small bulkhead' (inside the locker) meets the hull and place a small 'square' on the waterline.
5. (there is no small bulkhead on the stb aft side) ... mimic / locate on the stb. aft where the quarterberth bulkhead is located .... on the stb side.
6. Leave the backstay TIGHT - to help supprt the hull from 'sagging'
7. lower the boat onto the 'blocks' and set the jackstands exactly at the 'squares' on the waterline (bulkheads) tighten the jackstands.
8. use "VEE POPIT" jackstands at the bow .... and between the Rudder and PROP - set TIGHT.

This will stop/prevent all that 'hull distortion' when blocking.


A P30's hull is TOO DAMN 'FLIMSY' to sail to the South Pacific, The bulkheads are in 'flanges' and will significantly 'work' in a heavy sea. The P30 will need some VERY SIGNIFICANT 'strengthening' if you plan to sail such a boat for long periods of time in the OPEN OCEAN. The P30 is a 'lightweight' performance-cruiser whose design was intended for 'sheltered waters' - NOT an 'open ocean boat !!!!!!! .... its going to catastrophically FALL APART out at sea. BAD boat for long term open ocean sailing !!!!!!!!!!
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