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Need advice on bulkhead replacement..

So both bulkheads on my Northstar Farr 727 need replacing and I have a couple of questions.

The boat has a fiberglass inner liner on both sides of each bulkhead and everything I've read so far indicates that these liners aren't structural. In order to properly cut out the bulkheads, I'm imagining I'm going to have to cut out portions of the liner on each side (the entire galley area in the first and second pic for example) using a rotozip or some such tool, and 'glass these sections back in when I'm done. Is this how you guys would do it? Or would you subject yourselves to contorting like an epileptic snake in tiny spaces?

I'm also unsure how to proceed where the bulkhead is (more than likely- or at least SHOULD be) tabbed to the deck. The headliner is one big solid fiberglass piece from the anchor locker to the companionway and if I cut out that middle section it would be a royal PITA to 'glass back in. Any advice on how to tackle that?

Lastly, I fully intend on rebedding the chainplates and taking the time to do a proper job of sealing her up tight. But I never want to have to do this again.. other than G10/FR-4 fiberglass board (which seems extremely expensive at $1000+ for a 4x8x.750 sheet - if you have sources for cheaper by all means let me know!), is there any material other than wood that I can use that won't rot or otherwise compromise the strength and rigidity of the boat? The lack of the "wood" look is not a concern - there's going to be enough of it elsewhere (and some small cabinetry on the bulkheads) to keep the cabin "warm".

I've attached some pics to give you an idea of what I'm working with.. the v-berths on the other side are of similar construction and attach the same way to the hull/bulkhead as starboard berth in the 3rd pic, but it's its own seperate liner. Don't mind the skinny guy bent over in the pics- I'm obviously too engrossed by something to get out of the way when the girlfriend took these.

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