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You're gonna pull the teak decks? I love the way the Cheoy Lee's look with all that beautiful wood. Ah well, your choice (if ya buy) and I probably would get tired of caring for a teak deck too.

Anyhow, IMHO a centerboard boat is not the best choice, unless you have depth issues that require it. In addition to having the weight high on the keel, the mechanism will require maintenance and is a possible point of failure.

On the weight issue, lower positioned weight will offer a better counter to wind forces.

But the larger concern for me would be the centerboard itself. I had a swing keel for many years and they can be a pain sometimes. First off, it's tough to get bottom paint on the whole thing. A lift would make it better than a trailer, like I used, but there will still be places in the centerboard well that you just can't get to. The cable will fail, I replaced mine 3 times. The pivot point needs to be checked and it can be a major job to pull the keel/centerboard to replace this pin. Seaweed gets caught up in the cable, critters (zebra mussells up here) inhabit the well. Sometimes the board get's jammed in one position or another.

No offense to anyone with a centerboard boat. They're great in the proper environment. But I would rather have a fixed keel if I were sailing in the Gulf, which I assume is your home waters since you mentioned losing the last boat to Katrina.

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