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Originally Posted by Jeff_H View Post
I have tried using FoxFire and that has not helped. The overlapping ad problem is worse and it seems to lock up the software fairly frequequently which it never did with IE.
I'm pretty sure you'll find the offending advert, in this case, is a Flash advert. So it would be the Flash plugin, which is, quite honestly, crap, that's fouling you up.

Update your Firefox installation to v3.6.something and check for an updated Adobe Flash plugin. If that still doesn't do it, get and install Adblock Plus, identify the site from which the Flash advert is originating, and add it to the list of blocked sites. But an updated Firefox and Flash plugin should fix the problem.

Originally Posted by Jeff_H View Post
I'll send another note to Admin and see what can be done since this is pretty common website software and it does not seem to have these problems on other sites.
Like I wrote in my previous post: It's their site and it's free to us, so it's hard to credibly bitch about it, but... yeah, Sailnet is the only site I've ever had such problems with so consistently. I have had/seen problems on other sites, but, usually, when users point out the problems the site's owners actually, you know, fix them. To Sailnet's owners: I guess the advert revenue trumps the functionality of the site, because they keep trashing the site with exceptionally brain-dead stuff. That's not a complaint, but an observation.

My point being: Go ahead and send another note to Admin, but don't hold your breath. (I suspect he doesn't really have any control over the situation. I suspect he's got clueless PHBs telling him "Do this. We don't wanna hear about problems.")

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