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I WILL TRADE YOU the use of my sailboat for a slip and storage

I have a 1975 16ft Schwill Yacht in fair to good condition that I am willing to trade the use of in return for a slip and storage -- somewhere on Barnegat Bay, in NJ, preferably at or near Seaside Park for the next few years. I will allow you to use the sailboat -- providing that you are a well experienced sailor who is very stable, responsible, and mature -- for a whole half of a season, some time between May 15th and October 15th (dates of my choosing in advance). The other half will be sailing time slated for me. The boat will have to be always stored and docked on the one property. This means that you will have to agree in writing that you will not transfer the boat to another location for any purpose at any time and that, during the off season, you will provide an appropriate sized trailer on which the boat can be safely and securely placed upon. It will also be agreed that we both -- together -- put the boat in and out of the water each year. I will have to also be allowed to work on it in daylight hours before it is ready to be put in the water each year. Of course, you would have to have a dock there with four posts and about a 20ft side pier on both sides of the slip, and there must also be a toilet, a garden hose for the boat, and adequate lighting for the dock at night. If you meet these requirements and are interested in making such a deal, please email me.

Other things to note:
For this current sailing season, you may sail the boat every day for the whole month of October if you like. It should also be agreed that when it is time for me to sell the sailboat -- 2,3,4 years down the road, that I should have the option of buying the trailer off of you at a fair price, like $200, or I would deduct that amount from what I get from selling it with the trailer and give it to you at the time of the sale.

What I would expect from you:
Because the boat is not self bailing, I require that you put on its canvas after each use. Of course, I would also expect that you clean up after yourself, always take any personal items with you, and that you do not use the vessel as a place to party or have sex in. It should go without saying that when you take the boat out sailing that you and anyone else on board wear life jackets, that you would always act responsibly and follow all the rules of safe boating n the state of New Jersey, that you do not take the sailboat close to the inlet, and in general, that you always behave and handle the boat in a safe and responsible way. I can't stress this enough. And as a precautionary measure, you should always have, at the very least, a cell phone and the number of the New Jersey Marine State Police for the Point Pleasant Station.

Again, if you have bay front property (preferably near Seaside Park or Toms River, New Jersey) and have the appropriate and sufficient space to trailer and dock a 16ft sailboat on that site and will sign a document to the effect that you will NOT move the boat to another location at any time during the coarse of the year, even in the off season, and that I can have access to my boat during daylight hours to work on it (ie painting the bottom) during the off season and that you will only use the boat on the specified dates of the contract, then I think we may have a possible deal. Email me if you're interested. Thriller

P.S. I would have the right to sell the boat at any time providing that I do not interfere with your already scheduled sailing dates. That means that, beginning next fall, I can sell the sailboat after your sailing time is over or during the off season of 11/12.

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