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Originally Posted by 5hortBu5 View Post
I'm a newbie Javelin (14') skipper, and I'd like to keep from getting in over my head. Any quick and dirty rules of thumb for sailplans for different conditions?

My Main is 90 square feet
My Jib is 35

I'm looking at 15mph winds tonight, and wondering what to fly, or whether or not I should even go out there. What do you all think?
15 (so like 13kt) is fine, sail the thing! Ease, hike, trim... and skip the trim if you're not too comfortable with the power.

Reef?? it's a DINGHY you generally can't do such things! Do people here even read the OP's questions/comments or just spout off whatever they feel like?

Anyway, never sailed that particular boat but often times things get weird on dinghies when the correct sail plan (ie all of it) isn't up to balance things - you'll likely just end up with massive weather helm.

I say get out there and have fun - if you're new to the boat, don't go into full point mode and under-trim the main a bit to keep the power off... similarily don't run too deep so you keep the death rolls away and unless you're comfortable with it just do chicken jibes as needed. Get out there on the water, you'll probably find you have a great time, waiting for the perfect day sitting there on land is a good way to make sure you never go out - it'll always be too hot, or too cold, or it might rain in 5 hours, or I don't like the look of that creepy dog over there, or... you get the idea.

What other sailing experience do you have?
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