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Hmmm - "right of way"?

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post

We sail all the way back to the marina inlet...and then things get testy....

We're tacking back and forth right at the mouth of the marina, trying to get past the break water without using the motor. We tack to starboard and I look over and see a 45' double-decker party barge coming at us about 200 yards away doing 15 knots or so. He's trying to cut between us and the marina (a space of no more than 200'). What THE hell?

I stand up in the cockpit and wave him off - using my hands to tell him we're headed into the marina. He doesn't change course. There's a dude on the lower deck, but I can't see anyone else on the boat. The dude runs up the stairs. They are now about 75 yards away - on a collision course. There is
literally nothing we can do at this point

Finally, I see someone at the upper deck take the wheel and bear off to port. I start politely screaming at him to read the freakin' Rules of the Road. Why? Because he's screaming at me as he goes by that it was my fault for "turning right in front of him".

I point out the fact that he's a raging bonehead and that vessels under sail
have the right of way. He returns fire saying that it's the "larger boat that has the right of way". He flips me the bird. I work very, very hard to restrain myself because my kids are listening now. But I'm seriously know, kind of like CP-And-Tartan-Pissed.

We make it back to the slip without further incident and I have a nice tall rum beverage. I'm better now.

You sail through a tornado and get run down by a freakin' party barge?
Where's the justice in that?

Stinkpotters are freakin' Neanderthals. Here is the driver of that party barge..

Nuff said.

sounds exciting. I don't know about Texas Tornados. PFDs - good. I'd think your kids know enough to keep safe. My thought is that they can decide where to be? Avoiding panic is important. It's clear you get that.
Thanks for sharing your stories.
The reason for my reply is this:

There is a common misconception that "sailboats have the right of way."
Yes, all boaters should read the "Rules of the Road" (Navigation rules).
No where in these rules is the phrase "right of way."
"Stand-on vessel" and "Give-way vessel" (rules 16,17) are terms used.
It's important to know the meaning.
Rule 2b comes to mind
Rule 9b probably did not apply, but might be what the dumbarse was talking about.

Rule 18a does not mean that sailboats have a "right of way."

I don't really know exactly what the deal was with this "party barge" and it's likely he is a bone head (after all, it's Texas). I do know that niether one of you had the "right of way."
it ain't that simple.

Yep - reading the "rules of the road" is a good idea.
Safe sailing
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