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Originally Posted by Maxboatspeed View Post

I can't rip ya a new one. In fact, I think you're cool.
Your story has snit loads of BFS - to me. Thanks.
I read your story and it sparked interest. I thought your comment, about right of way, was .....something worth talking about.
It's killin me to tell you this:
I think you contribute huge value to this thing (blog, thread, ?). Your comment about getting into a situation (or whatever you want to call it) because other stuff was going on - is, uh, well, a thing. 1+ .
My point was this: the idea that sailboats always have a "right of way" over power vessels is.....well, it ain't that simple.
I appreciate your consideration, and knowledge, of the rules.
I guess I gotta reply and keep this going? I'm not sayin you did any wrong. I'm not trying to argue the exact situation. I am trying to let guys know (those that care) that there are a bunch of rules and it's not just "I have right of way 'cause I'm sailing."

I'm thinking your sayin rule 5 might be a thing (both boats)?
You didn't quote rule 17a,b. You did mention altering course (tacking), and then being concerned about a collision with the other guy?
Again, since you're into it, "right of way" has a specific meaning. The phrase is not used in any of the relevant rules. If you're gonna quote a bunch of stuff, please include the stuff that actually matters.
Basically (and informal)
I guess you get that "right of way" is not the same as "stand-on"?
Sailboaters are way smarter than stinkboaters. We all know that.

By the way, most of your babble is good. Some of it ("right of way" , what that means, where it applies) is, uhm, not that cool.
You mentioned rules that do not apply. Tell us all the rules that include "right of way" (rivers, downbound). The annex thing is ridiculous - read it.
Help me out here. I respect your knowledge, learning, sharing, teaching, etc.
Wanna start a rules forum? A start could be about the specific meaning of terms/phrases. Does anyone care?
Safe sailing,
Heh-heh. No worries dude. As long as most of my babble is good...I'm golden.

As for rule 5, yeah, I'm busted. That was the point of my post above. 17a/b, however, are a stretch. Technically, these could possibly be claimed by Bonehead, however, we were sailing in a narrow channel, and therefore unable to hold course due to hazards - so he'd NEANDERFAIL that one too.

Go over to the Seamanship forum here:

And start a new thread on Rules. I think it would be a great discussion. I did a quick search and there are quite a few threads about specific questions - but nothing I could quickly find with a top-level reparte.
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