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Stuck centerboard

Just when I was planning my weekend sail on (new to me) boat - big problem, stuck centerboard. Evidently, there was not much clearance between centerboard and trunk. Yard that did bottom painting (here is what happens when you ask someone to do the job for you) didn't sand much (at all?), and so whatever clearance was there - is pretty much taken by paint.

Worse yet, they did realize that centerboard would get stuck as they were planning to load the boat on a trailer. One would hope that a reasonable person would stop, think, come up with a solution first (or call the owner and say "we can't do it"). These guys don't stop for little stuff like that. Instead they lowered the boat right on a trailer with centerboard as is. 2000+lbs of a boat bearing down on it will get any centerboard in the trunk - even sideways, dammit, but only once.

Now, complaining won't help (and neither will the boatyard) - so it's my problem to deal with. I am looking for ideas. Here is what I tried (3 days of work down the drain so far):
1. mask/snorkel/5 hours in the water pulling - no go
2. tear off centerboard trunk cover (100 screws and gobs of 5200 held it - that was a bear of a job), then push on centerboard as much as I can (even bang with a hammer, through a piece of wood - but not too much, don't need a new problem) - no va
3. Try to get a knife blade between centerboard and trunk from below/above - nothing (it's tight)

So now here are my next ideas:
- Get steel guitar string, run it between centerboard and trunk, try to "saw off" some paint that way? (Prolly will end up with string stuck in there?)

- Build some sort of a thingamajig with wood board on the cb, and another into the cabin ceiling, insert car jack in between, push (I wonder if I'll just make a hole in the ceiling?)

What else can I do other than using this thing as a powerboat (that goes sideways)? All ideas are welcome?
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