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Originally Posted by tdw View Post
Now while the previous event gained more world wide media attention it didn't get a lot of television coverage did it ?
Certainly neither free to air nor cable/satellite picked up the rights in Australia.
I don't know about the rest of world.
Me, I reckon what fuels the AC is nationalism. This last schemozzle took that away. While everyone should have been cheering on the Swiss underdog v the might of the Evil Empire, Bertarelli managed to alienate almost the entire planet. What a nonsense.

I disagree with your first statement and I agree with the second one.

It is very important that the AC have many contenders from all the world. If we want a world event we have to have participants from all the world and healthy Nationalism has a role to play.

Personally, back on 2007, I was supporting the NZ team and not Alinghy (the European finalist) and I was not the only European doing that. I guess that we really would like to see a billionaire with huge resources been beaten by a much smaller and "poor" team, from a small country with a big racing tradition.

Regarding your first statement I don't see that way. In 2007 America's cup was already one of the world's big event, with huge coverage. That edition was the really big one, in public interest (much bigger than the previous). Things where going well for sailing as a sport, and if the 2010 edition was on a continuing route (with bigger and faster, but affordable boats, as it was meant to be) I am quite sure the 2010 edition would have been a much bigger world's sport event (comparing with 2007).

To just give you an idea between the size and importance of the two editions, have a look at some numbers:

2007 edition: Organizing Budget - 230,000,000€
Economic Impact - 7,000,000,000€

2010 edition: Organizing Budget - 8,000,000€
Economic Impact - less than 700,000,000€

And it is important to say that 500,000,000 € where spent on the boats, and less than 200,000,000 on things to do with public interest.

If we take the Organizing Budget as a measure, the last edition was 44 times smaller than the one from 2007 and you could feel that on the coverage and on the spot (Valencia).

The 2007 edition had a 66,000,000 € profit (shared by the 12 teams). the 2010 edition had a huge deficit, a deficit of hundreds millions of euros.

as professor Canon has said, the America's cup : “From being one of the four or five biggest sports events, it’s become frankly parochial.”

America‚€™s Cup Sinks as Bertarelli-Ellison Fight Sours Santander - Bloomberg

And sadly it seems that the 2013 edition is not going to be much better

And Andrews, I don't find this boring:

YouTube - Official Podcast of the 32nd America's Cup: Match day 7

Of course, the boats are "old shoes ", but if you changed those by moder fast monohulls or multihulls, bigger but affordable, we would have a great 2013 America's cup.

By the way, why to they insist in call it America's cup? Should not be America cup?



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