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On the whole "old shoe" thing, I have no idea what he'd call your boat. It's always seemed to be a fairly ill-defined (and somewhat silly) debate anyway, as shown even in that thread.

I don't think you can ever really make categorical statements on boats. The exception is yours below...that most all boats will far outlast its crew in heavy weather. That seems to be proven time and again. And that alone should make people a little more comfortable when considering picking up the greatest pastime in the world.

Regardless, it sounds like one sweet BFS. See? Every sailor likes to brag! It's just in our DNA!

Here's to you Giu!

Originally Posted by St Anna View Post
Hey Smackman,
How goes it?

Do you think Giu would say I sail ' an old shoe'? If so, then I believe I could be qualified enough to have a decent discussion with him about heavy weather sailing. I agree with pretty much of his conclusions, but not all. I think the other boats in his group quit because of their crew's attitude, not the boat limitations.

I agree 100% that you have to be fast and slow is dangerous. This means you have to work the sails to keep your hull speed up. This statement means getting out in it and reefing/ popping reefs, changing sails, adding inner jibs etc etc. Many 'old shoes' are just slow, under powered, ketches or small motor. However, many 'bendy toys' have a piddly engine as well and cannot keep up against wind.

However, a hull shape designed solely to pack more charter people in, may go to windwards, albeit with a significant heel, but both a fast or slow downwind run can be really dangerous unless you have an experienced person on the helm.

Dramamine's side effects are well known. Sailing near a cape will cause swells to 'bounce back', changing the sea pattern. This may induce nausea.

The bottom line, is that is is essential to get where your'e headed, it is immensly satisfying to get there first, so Giu - Salute'
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