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Teach yourself?

Old but cool topic!
The learning never stops.
That's why we're all here?
Guys have learned to "sail" in a bunch of ways. Yes, maybe some guys can learn about stuff by trying to sail alone. Most guys started slow and have never stopped learning. Talking/reading about "stuff" is all part of it.
Here's a thing:
How do you know you're a sailor?
You know how to get home.
You know to stay close to your comfort zone.
You know that part of it is avoiding bad snit. (WHAT THAT MIGHT BE)
You wanna learn any way you can.

Any basic sailing book can get a guy started - sailing a dinghy/warm water.
If you wanna learn basics on a bigger boat (alone), it's more complex.
I'll skip details.

"Learning to Sail" is ........
Not hard
Available at any age (US)

Mentors are out there.
I love getting folks hooked on sailing. I love to see that amazed look in a persons eyes when they first realize - "Wow - No engine, 7kts, wind and sails only?". When they ask "how does this work", "what's that do?", "Are we safe?, seems kinda tippy", "what's with the little red things?"
As they're steering my 40' boat and know they're learning new snit.

I Smile and tell them:
You're doin a great job.
I will keep you safe. No worries.
It's only wind. Yep, 7.0 kts, but I bet we can get her to 7.8 -if you care.
I tell them how it works.
I tell them about the wind and tell tales - if they care.

No one really teaches themselves. Obviously, if you're reading this you know that.
Ya. Read books, ask around. Guys will teach you, if asked. It's fun and not crazy hard. Knowing basics is a thing.
I'll teach anyone, in the hood, basic stuff. Free -if they ask. I'm thinking there are guys in your hood willing to do the same?
Safe Sailing
ps what do I gotta do to add a pic? The pic needs a URL?
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