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Originally Posted by swampcreek View Post
What about this purchase of land? We payed decendants of the Spanish Conquistadors. They conquered the Aztecs. The Aztecs, Toltecs and Chicimecas probably killed a lot of Oaxacas, Mixtecs, Zapotecs and Mayans to run Mexico. These civilizations most likely conquered the 1st significant civilization in Mexico, the Olmecs. So lets see, If the original habitants of the area we call Mexico are to get paid a "fair" price for their ancestrial lands then we must 1st seperate 90% of Mexicos' population which is Spanish decent and then have THEM pay the decendants of the original indigineous tribes who make up 10% of Mexicos population, the Sapnish decendants can then gMexico'so back to Spain leaving Mexico to it's original tribes. Those tribes then should all filter the funds back to the decendants of the Olmec civilization.

Oh but wait...Thats way too involved and simply foolish. It's easier to just jump on the band wagon and try to shake down the good Ol' USA for cash and handouts. While the "Mexicans" arguments are just as foolish to many of us it is popular thing to do, and there are many self loathing Americans who reside right here that will help them.

Crazy man!
Don't ever call a Spaniard 'Mexican'...they hate that!
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