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Repower Islander Bahama 30

I hired someone to help me with the install, but I did as much as I could myself.

For removing the old engine we removed as many pieces as possible as the Volvo weighs 400+ [lbs]. We then put the boat on the hard and used the shipyard's crane to hoist the engine out (you definitely need a couple of people guiding the engine out of the engine compartment and companionway hatch...Not so easy). The new engine, being almost half the weight, was, by comparison, much easier to drop in. We built a wooden frame that fit in the companionway hatch that we could attach block & tackle to for raising and lowering the engine into the engine compartment and work on the mounting.

As for costs of the Beta it worked out something like this as I added some options.

Beta 16 Base (including Transimission and Coupling) $ 5,698.00
Upgrade from 40A to 60A Alternator $ 316.00
Upgrade to Control Panel C (their best) $ 498.00
Hot Water Heater Connections Added $ 39.00
High Rise Exhaust Option $ 209.00
Built-in Oil Pump for oil changes $ 150.00 approx.
New Plastic Recess to Mount the Control Panel $ 48.00

Approx. price of other misc. items.
New shaft $200.00 approx.
New prop (3 bladed Michigan Wheel) $ 450.00 approx.
Misc hardware, hoses, sea water strainer, filters etc.. $ 400.00 approx.

Shipping was free to a commercial address.

They make an oil pan that is slightly shallower that I ordered because I thought I needed it ($200.00). I was able to use the standard oil pan, but I may install the shallower one in the future as it would allow the oil removing pump to sit a little higher which I would prefer...Not a big deal though.

The quotes I received for installing the engine were really all over the place, so much so that it made me want to tackle as much of the job as possible. I may be wrong on this, but I believe that Yanmar may require you to use one of their dealer/installers for valid warranty on the engine. I received pricing on a Yanmar 14 installed in the $10K-12K range and a Yanmar 20 as I as $18K. Not sure why the big cost difference as the 14Hp and 20Hp were not that far off on the base price.

With that said, I recommend doing your homework on who you hire to do the install. I wasn't that happy with who I hired, but the price was right. I ended up having to correct a few things myself.

My install, all said and done, fell in the $10-$11k range after yard fees and paying my help.

Hope this helps some.
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