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Oh crap , here we go again.

Look the whole world knows how dear to the heart of the average citizen of the good ol' USA is the 2nd Amendment but to be frank we don't really care. It is your right and the USA....nowhere else.

If you take guns into most other nations around the globe you will at best have them confiscated, at worse you'll go to gaol, indeed you'll go directly to gaol, 'go' is not a waypoint on this particular chart, nor is collecting $200.00.

Now you may well sit on your high horse and let those damned fureners know that they are trampling on your Gard Given Rights but you'll be doing it, eg, in an Indonesion gaol, and that is not a fun place to be, high horse or no high horse. Of course there may well be people reading this who are not in the least bit threatened by the thought of unprotected anal sex, hiv-aids, dysentry and hepatitis though I suspect their number is few so I'm preaching to the rest of you.

The point then really is moot. Whether you would like to carry, whether it is you right and privilege to do so you would be a very silly person indeed if you did so outside of US territory.
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