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Salona 41

Guys, dream boats are dream boats, and will be someone's reality, but not mine. Just too expensive for me.

For the kind of budget I have I believe that I have made my choice (of course in the meantime something more interesting could appear ). Well I haven't really decided what is going to be my budget. I don't want to spend everything on a boat, I want to have some money to have fun cruising with the boat

For now, for a budget of around 125 000 euros (more Vat) I would pick the Elan 350, hands down. I have never been inside one and I need to check if the storage and interior space is really enough. I will take a look at one at the Paris boat show.

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For a budget of around 150 000 euros (more Vat) I would pick the Elan 380. I know well this one and I love it. But I would not buy one right now:

I would wait till next year to have a look at the new Salona 38. If it turns out as beautiful as the new 41 I would probably chose that one. Why? because they are a smaller company that allows some boat customization and because they have an inox steel grid inside the boat that takes all the stress from the keel and shrouds, making it a stronger boat. If you really ask they even will put more ballast on the bulb (the grid can easily take it) and that will give you a more forgivable and safer boat, a boat that can be reefed later, an easier boat, in a word, a better cruising boat. And it will be fast anyway, it will not be 300kg more that it will make it slower (unless you are a racer) and probably it will make it even a faster boat with strong winds and heavy seas .

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For a Budget of 180 000 euros (more Vat) I would have the new Salona 41.
It has all the advantages that I mentioned about the 38 and it is a very beautiful boat. The only snag would be that it has not a hull port view and that's important for me and even more to my wife, but the boat has just the right spot to put it and I know they will put one there if you really insist.

It costs about the same as the Elan 410 (I like also that one) and it is probably even faster and to my eyes, more beautiful. It is also a narrower boat and that will give it a more comfortable sea motion even if that translates in a marginal bigger heeling.

I have been at the factory this summer and I was very pleased with what I saw. Enthusiastic people doing with pride a nice boat, people that care about quality and use the best high tech building technics. This boat can also be made in epoxy based vinylester and that will made it even stronger, lighter and osmose free.

I saw the first 41, almost finished...and what a boat. The right amount of storage and a good interior with two freezers. Just perfect if we discount the hull ports . I tried the cockpit and I know that I would just fit perfectly on this boat . If things went right for me, I would not need to look further, but with vat this one would cost about 230 000 euros and that is a lot of money Not saying that it is expensive for that boat, I think that Salona has one of the best quality/price rates on the market, but it still is a lot of money for a boat.

They released some photos, one of them unfortunately with a very bad taste deco that almost makes ugly a beautiful boat. I join also one with the inox grid steel being put in place. On the shipyard I saw one inside a boat. It looks really great, I would not have designed it better

(for the ones that are new to this thread there is a lot of information, photos and videos about the Elan 380 and the Elan 350. Use the thread search engine to find it) .

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