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nice mahi mate! but how did your wifey like the newly painted deck?? that's the problem! thing about a mahi is when it's brought on board it better be well sedated!! some people will surely be able to relate to that one - i have some serious stories about mahis. on another note, cedar plugs are tried and tested, and they last longer than plastic squids if a barra decides to log on. and you can be certain that it will, probably more than any other fish in the sea!!
@ cruisingdad, thanks for the comment, i'm affraid i was desperately trying to get my post count up to 5 so i could respond to a PM. actually, what i do with all fish i am lucky enough to catch is use the long gaff (v. important if you carry some freeboard), lance the throat behind the gills with a sharp knife, noose tail with an old piece of braid (core removed - grips much more securely) and return it to the water. there it will bleed away from my decks. tuna only need a couple of minutes, as do wahoo and mackerel family. but i wouldn't trust a mahi after an hour. those fellas have an admirable survival attitude - lots of you think it's dead but in a brave last show it flips a slippery flip out of your hands and back to the deep blue!
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