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Originally Posted by Jeff_H
Historically, boats of that era were typically designed with a 1/4" of rake per foot, and then tuned to provide a balanced helm. 5.5 meter class boats of that era (which is what the Sabre was) typically began life without a huge amount of rake or bend in lighter going and a bit more in heavier winds which seems counter intuitive but more backstay pressure meant more headstay pressure.

7/8 rig Jeff...with this type of rig you need either a Jumper strut, swept back spreaders, or running backstays only then can you achieve proper headstay tension. Otherwise as soon as you start to get proper headstay tension on a Sabre, without a jumper strut or Runners you start to bow the mast forward just above the lowers.
Try to take it back with the backstay and you induce lots of light air killing, flattening, in the upper part of the mast.
We're still learning, but I'm leaning towards 6-8" Rake 1-3" bend and runners to take the sag out off the head stay when the wind pipes up.

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