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Originally Posted by RedtheBear View Post
No, you haven't lost your minds YET. Yes it take more skill, you can learn this. But it also take much more care; tides, currents, winds can come together at the worst times to put you in grave danger that all your skill just plain won't get you out of. You better have lots ground gear, big and strong, and lots of rode to hold you in place while you get your brains beat out riding out the mess your in. Yes the old timers sailed without engines, and the coast are full of wreaks in testamone to the powers of mother nature. How fast can you tack or back wind while threading through a narrow opening in a coral reef at creep speed. Sailors are a traditional bunch but they're not above change and when engines came along they recognized the possibllities of a safer passage both for them and their ships.
Hey I'm not saying use the engine when you can do without it. Nothing beats the feeling of coming in or working you way out under sail alone, such a warm fuzzy glow and you can beam with pride as you walk the dock, But will it replace the feeling of watching your boat being smashed to peices on the rocks when you just couldn't beat the tide and wind of that shore. Will it be enough to keep you calm when you're down to bare poles in a squal and being shoved sideways to the white caps?
Just because you have an engine doesn't mean you have to use it, when was the last time you use a life raft or even your life vest? But would you sail without them?

Good points, do you speak from experience? We were thinking of a 15 hp o/b to replace our 20 hp Yanmar. Would the difference be that much in a canal/marina/reef dodging situation?

I can see the reef situation being worse due to cavitation (hobby horsing) in waves, but everything else?
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