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[Fitted my new combo fishfinder with an in hull transponder so keen to try it out. Was going to head off for a few days but when I rang my old fishing mate (87) he was hoping that I was going to ask him out as he loves fishing and through various health problems for him and his wife hasn’t been out for about a year.

So I agreed to an afternoon fishing. Naturally I hoped that the $2000 and some days trying to fit this thing in, when the deadrise is greater than the max allowed, would pay off.

Nada, various fiddles and it only showed .4m intermittently. Not many fish in the top .4m. Back to the drawing board.

So motored a few miles and stopped in 15m. The old guy had 3, then caught a double header in the first 15 minutes while I was messing around with soft plastics and a reel that wasn’t behaving. Swapped back to pilchards and started to catch them. We put back about 6 which were legal but too small and kept 16 snapper and 1 kahawai . Nothing huge but nice fish. We could have got our limit of 2 more easily but left after just over two hours to squeeze through the channel before low tide to avoid waiting another 2.5 hours or so.

Who needs fishfinders? So one happy old fella.

The rest of the story. Sigh. He tied the bow lines. I let go the midship line and tried to attach the sternlines. Stern swung out and I couldn’t hold it even in only 10 knots or so. Hanging on by fingernails to the boat and the dock with my toenails I became nearly horizontal.

The conversation went “Harry I wonder if you mind pulling on the midship rope.”
“Because if you don’t I will fall in the next 30 seconds.”
Splash. Problem I couldna get out.. Some yelling and sending him looking eventually saw a very brawny bloke turn up and haul me out. Thanks mate. Pity you left the dock before I had re-gathered my wits sufficiently to give you some fish. Lucky I had taken my cellph and wallet out though not the carkeys.

My fault though it would not have happened if I was on my own - like that anyway. I adjust the lines from on the boat and know the lengths.

Might happen other ways though, despite safety harness, and having bought a waterproof bag for the hand vhf that morning. Must get or make an accessible rope ladder. I had it on the list. The thing is while when younger I could swing my legs up, now I really think it has to be long enough to go at least a few feet under water so will have to be fairly long.


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