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recoring help needed

I am preparing to fix some soft spots on some decking which currently has 3/ inch plywood for the core. For my core replacement material I am questioning whether to replace the rotten core with marine plywood or use something else. My thought is to go with 3/8 inch balsa. Any thoughts as to the pros and cons?

Second question: Some of the rotten core extends to the very edge of the deck where the plywood core ends and becomes solid fiberglass and curves upward to the deck and hull joint. When cutting the top skin for removal I will leave a 1 ¾ inch flange of the original deck to aid in re-laminating the top skin. I will need to dig out the rotten core and will then have a crevice to fill. I have read that some individuals have filled this entire outer edge/ crevice with thickened epoxy and then butted the new core material against that. I guess another option would be to insert and epoxy the new core material all the way into this crevice. What is better? Other options?

Lastly……Creating hard spots… I have read about the concern of creating hard spots and am a little unclear about this. If I understand it correctly this could occur if someone were to use a core replacement material that differs greatly from the surrounding original core material. For example using aerox foam to replace a rotten core area in the middle of a balsa cored deck or perhaps using solid fiberglass. Another example could be wide epoxy joints between the old and new core material. Is this a case that by having an area that flexes more (aerox) or is stiffer (fiberglass/epoxy) than the surrounding areas there is the potential for the joint to weaken where the two materials meet? Somehow I feel like I am missing something.

Relating my last question to my first two questions….Do I need to be concerned about hard spots in the case of using 3/8 inch balsa for a repair in a plywood deck? Are the two material compatible enough? In the case of filling the crevice with thickened epoxy (question two) do I need to be concerned about hard spots where the epoxy meets the core replacement material?

I have tried to research this well but need some help.
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