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Which spot will they fit in

Originally Posted by JiffyLube View Post

I'll tell you a good place to put batteries in our boats, and it's closer to the centerline...providing your year boat is built like mine.

In the berth area under the two large pull out drawers, there is a long door that opens downward to the floor. We have a large gel (8G8D) located in that space in a hold down box mounted length wise, and there might be room for two of those batteries there...might be a tight fit though. It's a good place for no maintenance batteries, if the batteries are not to high.
Yes ours is built that way. I think that is one thing Islander did not change as the years went by.

That would be a good spot. We will be cruising so we need that storage space for other items. It is about the only place our Honda 2000 genset will fit and the same goes for the Sailrite sewing machine and I can still get my guitar and other items in that space. Mostly I keep the guitar in the salon.
Also like you said it is not accessible to do maintenance.

We would like AGM’s and even though they are coming down in price it may be we go with wet cells so maintenance would be an issue.

Why does everything that goes into a boat need to be on the rail or some other place (fore or aft) and that is not distributed well. We would like to have the batteries low and center but we compromised.
Hay yea it also helps balance the boat because it lists to port.

I read a blog once were the person explains that we humans and want everything flat and square. But on a boat that is a hard feat. Most all if not all of nature in not flat or square.

Our batteries were in the hanging locker in the stateroom by the PO. The big hanging locker. That was great weight wise. Low and center of boat. A bear to work with and my wife wanted them out from within her clothes.
There is also space for four batteries under the galley deck but for nothing else, no bus and not the two more batteries we want to have (6) and the space is more aft.

Besides, as the batteries move forward they spread the weight around and get closer to the center of the boat.

So this is what we came up with. We know Raferty uses this space for his six batteries and he has the same charger\inverter. Works well for him and he is in the South Pacific now cruising.

We also wanted the charger\inverter out of the living space for heat and noise reasons.

So that is the reasoning and logic etc.
They sure are easy to service.

Our dock mate has a ketch and made battery spots for 4 wet cell batteries. Two spots were hard to get at so he burnt up two batteries for lack of water. Because they were hard to get at he did not service them.
He is now in the process of putting his batteries under his satee. The spot was previously occupied by a water tank. I saw it open and the baffles still there. He has since removed the baffles and built in a plywood box.

Of course there are batteries in all kinds of places on the Islander Freeport’s and they work for their captains.

We just need a bigger boat
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