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Now Iíve just spent 3 hours or so reading your excellent post and Iím now convinced that I need one of your new wifi (or, as they say in the French islands, ďweefee") techno marvels to boost my Skyping range while in the Carib this winter.

I think what Iíve learned from all this is that I need to order one of those 1000mm Bullet devices; an all-round, very long 12 bell antenna with female equipment on the bottom end (where itís susposed to be, no doubt); 50 feet or so of that nice blue wire with square-type plugs on each end (Iíll follow Dogís advice and try to find some of the tin wire that doesnít fatigue when bent or corrode when continuously emmersed in salt water); then Iíll need one of those little $5 black boxes that Dog recommends (so I donít have to hack up the nice blue wire like you did or demonstrate to Dog my capacity to be Godís improved idiot by blowing up my new-to-me PC); and finally, I need some wire to connect the little black box to an under-used circuit on my DC panel. Opps...almost forgot a short piece of the blue wire to go from the black box to the PC. I guess Iíll also need a method of hoisting the all-round 12 bell antenna up off the deck a bit. Will the flag haulyard do? Do I have everything?

Then, when all thatís set up (tell me if this is right -- the 12 bell is plugged to the Bullet thingie which is plugged to black box with the long blue wire which is connected to the PC with the short blue wire, and the little black box has 12V coming into the round hole on the left)? I watched a couple of You Tubes movies in languages no one in these longitudes can understand to figure out how to ďplug and playĒ as they say -- did I get it right? Then, I dig out the 7 page installation guide Richardhula was kind enough to post and try to make his Windows 7 instructions work with XP PC. Miss anything here?

If Iím good thus far, the last thing I need to know is, if this doesnít work as advertised, who do I get POíed at?
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