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Just do it

Hi Newport.
True, most of us are 'oldies'. Most of us are baby boomers. Most of us were raised in times when things were changing fast. We had a lot on our plates then.
I had a good childhood, a little "police action" in an unpopular place in the
60s thru into the 70s and raised six kids from two marriages. Now got 13 grandkids. Most of us went thru a couple of recessions when things got tight and survived. Suddennly we are 'twice your age' and now it is our turn to kick back.
A lot of people I have met are like me and all thru our lives we have had a few adventures. I tried to do something outside of Australia every few years.
Been to a lot of countries with a pack before it was popular.

Just as the world stood still untill the industrial revolution and then boomed, so to with boats. We had to wait untill fibre-glass was invented so we could have our boats. Then, surprise, surprise, we had to wait untill they became affordable.
That made it to the 70s or 80s. Since then there has been a lot of cruising.
The crunch came when the gps was invented.(God bless it).
That mean't that people who could not work out maths while standing on a heaving deck, holding on for dear life, could go for a sail almost anywhere.
That brings us up to the late 80s and early 90s where the gps became affordable.
Now we are out there, clogging up the Pacific, Atlantic and every sea that we can reach.
I am about to start soon. Next year I am sixty.(Yep, an oldie) and I am going to cruise the Pacific from the States back to Australia. This will be my first serious boat and it will be all paid for.

I am what is called a SKIN. (Spend Kids Inheritance Now)
So you can see why some of us are a tad elderly.(Old is a BAD word)

But my advice to you ,go now. Don't wait untill you do what a lot of us did.
You can always do things when you come back.
If what you do does not hurt anyone close to you, do it.

Then, if you are lucky, you can answer a letter from someone younger who asks why most of the cruisers are ELDERLY or older than you.

Go for it matey and good luck.
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