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Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Yes I have. I had tried the RM 1200 because I had the same doubts you have.

The answer is there is no comparison. (...)

The Pogo will do the same a lot faster, but you will have to reef a lot more times, be more at the tiller and would have a lot more work.
OK, seeing the displacement I assumed exactly this. The displacement seems to be a good measure for this, do you agree?
Regarding "a lot more work" I can imagine that the Pogo 12.50 would be easier to handle than the Pogo 10.50 as it has been simplified in some points.

What do you think about the effect of having a real good autopilot. The NKE Gyropilos used for the Pogos are really good. Vendee Globe boats can go on autopilot nearly all the time. Which level of technology is needed for that?

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
The RM can sail well with a big load (big tanks) while the Pogo will lose quickly its speed if you load it the way you can load the RM.
Yes, right. But I still wonder about the absolute numbers. What would be a reasonable payload for a Pogo.

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
If you want a slightest slower boat than the Pogo, but with a much better interior, look at the Opium 39 (posted on this thread). That one has the same feeling as Pogo, and its the same kind of boat. I have sailed that one and it is really fast.
I am thinking about chatering one for a week or so next March. There is one in the Antilles :-) . However I think the lifting keel version is not so nice inside due to the space needed for this feature. The Pogo swing keel is better regarding this but probably not as robust so the boat can stand on it (as the Opium).

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
(...)is only better if you want to cross oceans with it.
Yes, trade winds are the best, sure. I wonder if the additional comfort is really required (for me) for a full circumnavigation. Would be great to test such boats for several weeks. But that is nearly impossible.

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