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Originally Posted by myocean View Post
OK, seeing the displacement I assumed exactly this. The displacement seems to be a good measure for this, do you agree?
Yes, but not in what regards going upwind, except in very light winds. I have read a very interesting test between a J133 and a boat like the Pogo 12,50, but more expensive (I don't remember the boat name right now). Both boats at the water at the same time. I was surprised with the results. There was a lot of situations where the J133 was faster...and more comfortable. Both boats have about the same price tag.

Originally Posted by myocean View Post
What do you think about the effect of having a real good autopilot. The NKE Gyropilos used for the Pogos are really good. Vendee Globe boats can go on autopilot nearly all the time. Which level of technology is needed for that?
You would have not any problem with a Pogo under auto pilot. But because it is a much more powerfull boat, you will have to adjust the sails (and reef) a lot more than with a RM 1200. That would be fine with me , but that's just a fact.

Originally Posted by myocean View Post
Yes, right. But I still wonder about the absolute numbers. What would be a reasonable payload for a Pogo.
The Pogo can carry a considerable payload, the problem is that when you load more the boat, it will need more speed and wind to start planning. I guess that if you want a really fast boat, and considering the Pogo 12.50, you should not carry more than a 1000 kg, and that includes water, fuel sailors and luggages. I don't remember the max load of the boat, but I am sure that it is over a 2000kg load.

Originally Posted by myocean View Post
I am thinking about chatering one for a week or so next March. There is one in the Antilles :-) . However I think the lifting keel version is not so nice inside due to the space needed for this feature. The Pogo swing keel is better regarding this but probably not as robust so the boat can stand on it (as the Opium).
I have tried that, one year ago. That Opium 39 is not available for charter there anymore, but it is for sale at a very good price. I don't have any idea of the boat condition and that Opium is one from the previous series (2005), not made by Wauquiez, with not so good interiors and probably not a so good construction, but it was a well considered boat, in what regards its quality.

Instead of chartering one, why don't you test sail that one? preferably sooner because I don't know if in Mach the boat will still be for sale.

ALIZE YACHT DESIGN OPIUM 39 used boat for sale. The Yacht Market online boat sales and charters.

The only reason I had not a look at that boat, is because it is faraway...and I believe that is true for all Europeans that know and like that boat. Here, similar boats have been sold for a lot more money.



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