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On design - Pogo

Originally Posted by tdw View Post

Now, you know that I like the Pogo for what she is but for a 'cruising' circumnavigation I don't get it. Ok, so I am a much more laid back sailor than you or it seems MyOcean but out at sea in anything other than really calm conditions 15 knots and up is simply going to be bloody uncomfortable and a hell of a lot of work. I appreciate the argument about getting there as fast as possible but as long as I have a boat capable of topping ten or so knots in the right conditions then I will be a happy chappy indeed. If I want a burst of 15knts then I'll come sailing with you guys.
The interior of the Pogo is set for extended cruising, spartan way I concede, but that's all about what you are set for. That's like road cruising in a Ferrari. No one is saying that it is more comfortable than a Mercedes but for some it is the fun that matters, it is not about arriving to some place, it is the way you do it.

That logic is the same when I cruise with my speedster on the mountain roads of Europe: I chose always the more twisting roads, the ones with the best scenery and that would provide the more exhilarating driving . Most of the drivers I know would think that the I am mad for taking those roads to get from A to B. But then they don't drive speedsters and don't understand that for me the pleasure is on the road, not in arriving the fastest and more comfortably I can to the B place .

Regarding comfort you are right and wrong. On a circumnavigation by the right side, you get trade winds most of the time, and in those conditions the Pogo is a perfect boat, super fast, super stable, little work and comfortable. You can let it go on autopilot all the time. It will be safer on autopilot doing 16k than other type of boats doing 10K and in these would need a solid hand at the wheel.

But If you do mainly coastal cruising you will get a lot of head wind, and the Pogo is not the best boat to do it. Not that he can not do it fast, but it is a lot less comfortable than a less beamier boat and not much faster than some, because he can not point so much to the wind. Some very fast cruiser-racers will even be more fast than a Pogo on that sail position.



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