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Originally Posted by PCP View Post

For a first post it is not bad

But I guess that you have not read the thread. The vast majority of the boats posted here are far away from the ones that will provide the best service at marina. The vast majority are boats that are much more at ease at sea than at a marina

Regarding bluewater boats, there are some here that are true bluewater boats, some that can cross safely oceans and some that are essentially coastal cruisers.

Why the hell should you think that a thread about interesting boats should be only about specialized bluewater designed cruisers? Do you think those are the only interesting boats?
PS. Your drawing reminds me very much of a Harrison Butler. Lovely boats.

Do you know that sailors interested in those boats are just a very small minority and that among that small minority only a few uses them for what they are designed to do? Do you know that all types of boats are design compromises and that a specialized bluewater boat will be a poor coastal cruiser and a worst liveaboard boat?

Don't you not know that the vast majority of sailors coastal cruise most of their time, even those that occasionally cross oceans? Don't you know that is the reason why the large majority of the market is oriented for boats that excel in living aboard, coastal cruising with some variable bluewater capacity?

I really don't understand your point


Paulo. Thanks for the reply and yes, I have read the thread in "Almost" its entirity, which, is the reason I felt the need to post as I did. Looking through the lists and photos of most of the boats mentioned I'd have to say that there are a huge amount of non sailing dreamers and/or marina dwellers posting. There are basically three types of sailor. The racer, The cruiser, AND, The Marina dweller. All three have specific needs when choosing a boat, but, when looking at interiors which will obviously become exagerated tumble dryers in anything above a force 4 I'll stick to my last post. Buy a caravan.
On another point. The POGO. Why on earth would someone want to cruise such a thing. Race, for sure because the need to be totally knackered after a race means that you've given it your best. To be totally knackered after a cruise seems to me to be either masochistic or simply plain stupid. OK, you'll get there faster,,, but it'll take you twice as long to recover from the effort. Personally, I'd rather enjoy all of it. Life isn't all about adrenalin or hot tubs in the forepeak. Sometimes a seakindly hull and the basics are all it takes.
PS. your drawing reminds me very much of a Harrison Butler. Lovely boats

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