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You pull you gun, in my opinion, you better have a damn good reason for it... and IMHO, a lot more than hearing a door or drawer closing down below. We are talking about a leaking head for Gawd's sakes!!!! So what!!??? Can you imagine your kids seeing that - a gun pointed at their dad or mom? What would that do to a kid's perception of law enforcement??

Sorry - but that is way over the top. And boarding a boat because you think they might have flushed overboard?? Gustapo.

And before anyone here goes off on this being an isolated incident and blown out of proportions, let me tell YOU a story. Everyone knows me here. I am very transparent.

In Aprilish of this last year, we had a approximately 70 year old man and wife show up at our marina to stay for a while. We are talking a very senior coule. Well, the approach to our docks is tricky beacuse you have to go against your nature and stay very close to the shore on the canal. THis is in Fort Myers Beach past the Mound House - FYI. Anyways, I told him I would take him out the next morning and we headed out around 9ish in the morning in his Avon tender (rubber inflateable boat). I showed him and his wife where to go and how to travel so they could get out at low(er) tide.

On our way back, I was driving, we got pulled over by the Sherrifs department. I couldn't believe it and askede them why. It was a safety check, or some such nonsense. They wanted whistles - had it. DL - had it. Registration - had it. This guy had everything (it was his tender). He even had the up to date sticker on his boat. These people even asked us to blow our whistle to make sure it would work (the orange whistles). THey looked perturbed. SO then they found out that the sticker he had on his boat, though it saiys through X-month, expired a few days before because of hsi birthday or something. SO they wrote him a warning (and not a citation). Then they let us go.

The point of all of this is that it has gotten WAYYYYYYY too agressive. Go put your time somwhere into protecting the people and not pulling over a 70 year old man and friend in a 10 foot rubber boat with everything apparently in order on the off chance you might just find something. Sorry - but I see this as soviet union type of stuff. Yeah, you might have the right to pull us over, but is it the right thing to do??

Anyways, Florida has gotten very ugly and strict, from the story above, to my story, to the anchoring laws (anyone want to mention Marco Island debacle??), etc. And to think this state wants to cater to tourists. I will tell you that my 70 yo friend said, "This is the reason kids grow up hating police and not trusting them. That is flat-out harrasment." I agree with him.


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