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"Police are trained when to "
Lilo, that's a nice theory and many times it is true. Sadly...
When Glock brought their radical new "plastic" guns to the US and was trying to convince PD's to rade in their revolvers (REVOLVERS) for the new Glock 9mms, they had a little problem with the NYPD. Now, you would think the NYPD is professionally trained, after all they are one of the largest PDs in the nation. Nope, they had more than a half dozen cops complain that the Glock discharged when drawn from the holster, resulting in shooting themselves in the foot. Literally.

Truth is, the Glock has a trigger safety and cannot be fired unless the trigger is pulled. All those highly trained NYPD were drawing the gun with their finger already on the trigger--and pulling it hard enough to shoot themselves.

As a result PDs all over the nation laugh at Glock's "NYPD trigger option", where the trigger pull on the pistols is just about doubled to make it harder to accidentally shoot yourself in the foot.

Well trained?

Florida doesn't have a monopoly on "Bubba's nephew wants a job" but they also don't have the rep for the nation's finest in law enforcement.

Sounds like some cruisers need to put webcams on the mast, document a few boardings, and then make a few phone calls. Fortunately, there is almost always a state, federal, or civil organization that can and will toss the bad apples out of the barrel.
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