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Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
I argue you might all become jaded after having your life threatened multiple times this year, when you unknowingly approached someone with an outstanding warrant, recreational drugs in their possession or consuming alcohol on parole. Scared people to desperate things.
What outstanding warrant was noted??? What recreational drugs were suspected/seen/viewed? What parole was in violatiion, what alcohol was viewed?
The complainant was allegedly simply ****BOATING**** ... is that a valid condition of 'probable cause' ?????????? mm... is that a reason to display the immediate *probable* use of DEADLY FORCE??????

So explain to us how your above statement somehow absolves a LEO from putting a gun to the chest of someone who is 'simply' boating / cooking in the galley and needs to shut down the cooking, etc.' or to terrorize the absolute $#!+ out of innocent others to happen to be passing-by... because he's 'jaded' ???!!!!???!!! Are you actually for REAL?????

With assumptions evident, If you and other LEOs dont clearly understand that most citizens are law abiding but are unknowing of the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of inane/arcane laws; and that most citizens are NOT criminals nor POTENTIAL criminals; and If you are also supporting or promoting that each and every citizen now is coming close to be needing to be personally escorted by an attorney (now 1 attorney for every 240 citizens in the USA) so that a normally law-abiding citizen can PROTECT oneself from the seldom enforced, rarely enforced, sometimes enforced, etc etc. exactitude of the LAW; and that most citizens dont know that many/most LEOs can be or are pizzed-off and JADED LEOs ...... please please please consider to get a new job or a job that results in some 'good' for society, officer.
If you disagree with any of this, then truly you ARE become the ENEMY, as from my recent experiences, 'criminals' dont treat the citizen-boaters as badly as the 'water-nazis' in Florida, especially Volusia County.

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