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You have really strong opinions and that's fine. But I have read a lot of your comments in the archives and you definitely are not timid about expressing your views. You should be the last guy to criticize anyone for expressing a view point! Incidentally, not much has changed in cruising. It's still a bunch of young kids filing the islands with small boats. I go to Puerto Rico every winter to surf and I am always amazed at the numbers of young people seeing the world from a boat.

By the way Jeff, by your own admission you are a geezer! lol. (I have a few short years left before geezer-hood). I would certainly not call you a preener, you are very knowledgeable and I respect your opinions. But you have to admit that there are a lot of goofballs on this site.

As for our young man, Dude, go do it. Don't let a bunch of people on a silly website talk you into staying here and working at Wendy's. See the world, experience the cultures of other countries. The "real" world will be here waiting for you when you return. Look at Jeff H...he was a hippie for cripes sakes and now he contributes to Urban Sprawl! lol. (By the way, I studied architecture in college as well but had the good sense to go to law school). The best year of my life was spent surfing in South America on a break from college. I learned to respect other people for who they were rather than what they have. But I would make sure you boat was seaworthy before you go.
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