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Originally Posted by jephotog View Post
My bag is a cool duffel made out of some high tech sail cloth. I keep it packed and ready to go. Being a backpack junkie I have one for each occasion anyways. In it I carry:

Layers head to toe (long underwear, no cotton)
Fleece top
Foul Weather Gear (head to toe)
Hat wool or fleece
Gloves (Sailing)
t(s) one small one to hang around my neck and headlamp
Handheld GPS
Rigging knife
PFD/Harness (Inflatable) all in one

Items in blue I would consider mandatory to show up and be a good crew.

The boat will have PDFs on board and possibly extra harnesses, check with the Captain if not sure, they aren't cheap. Often the Captain will provide food and drinks or it will rotate among the crew. You probably won't be expected to feed everyone on the first sail. Ask the Captain if you should bring something. He'll give you an idea if food is provided.

I will also show up dressed for the prevailing weather with sailing shoes or at least boat friendly shoes. If the weather may be snotty I will add more layers and some sea boots.

You could spend over a $1000 on what I have in my bag. You could also put together a sailing kit for $100 at a army surplus store. The items won't be sailing specific but will get you started.

Let us know how it goes or went.
good point... i generally hadnt thought of that as i tend to accumulate gear piecemeal over time... but lets see
vion 100ish
vhf 100ish
bag 100ish
gps 400ish
leatherman 70ish
knife 40ish
clothing few 100ish
thats over a thousand right there!!! egad, i need to start locking my boat more diligently

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