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Seafarer 24 "Godot"

I have a 1973 Seafarer 24. I am generally satisfied with it; but I have my share of gripes. Mostly it looks like the gelcoat didn't bond properly in a lot of areas and I've found some sections of fiberglass that were not fully wet out. I pulled the boat a few years ago and fixed a few surface blisters (and one deep blister). They haven't returned. Otherwise, there are deck leaks and such; but they will likely be remedied when I get around to re-bedding all the deck fittings. And things generally look tired; which I am currently fixing piecemeal. Given her age and what I paid for her (a whopping $1,200), I guess I can't complain too much.

Comfort wise I think Seafarer crammed a little too much interior into the boat. The layout would be a lot better in a 26 or 27 foot boat. I find the v-berth a little short, for instance. Still, more comfortable than some other 24 footers I've been on.

Sailing wise, she moves fairly well if there is a reasonable amount of wind, and she is a blast up to 15 or 20 knots where she becomes a little overpowered. I added a second reef to the main; but she isn't balancing well right now and generates a fair bit of lee helm when the wind cranks up. I recently replaced the standing rigging, so it is quite possible (even probable) that I just don't have the rig tuned right. I'm learning as I go... Before re-rigging she was fingertip control up to the low 20 knots. I'm sure I'll figure it out. That's a lot of wind for a small boat, anyway; but I have some ambitious dreams (there may be an upgrade to a slightly bigger boat, first) which are encouraging me to keep tweaking.

I have yet to bury the rail and she is pretty dry generally, even in better than 30 knots of wind. Which, btw, she handles adequately so long as I don't want to point closer than 100* to the wind or so. Which is to say, at this time I can't make any headway to weather when the wind REALLY picks up. That's why I added the second reef. Maybe I should have added a third. And a reef in the jib. It's a work in progress (I like to play in the snotty stuff ... it's a sickness).

Esthetically, the "Futura" cabin top does a fair job of providing decent (not quite standing) headroom in the cabin without making things look too blocky. It's not really my preferred look; but given a cabin top that appeals to me visually would seriously impact the inside headroom, it is a compromise I am willing to live with.

My intent was to move up to something in the 30-32 foot range and move on-board. This stupid economy has put a lot of bargains on the market; but has at the same time severely limited my buying power. I will likely end up moving onto this little boat next spring in an effort to get finances under control so I can afford what I really want (maybe a Cal or something in the above size range). If not, hell, I might just take off for a year or two in this little bucket. It might be a little cramped; but I'm willing to bet it would be fun.
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