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Nothing I've yet seen has swayed me from my ultimate sweetie the Luffe DS43. Yeah, OK, so 43' is pushing the envelope but she is long and lean, a small 43'er. Dollars blow her clean out of the water so unless something seriously wonderful happens to the Wombat exchequer she will remain a wet dream.

If I have a criticism of Regina/Nordship/CR it is that in order to get that bloody great cabin aft the helm position ends up very high and very exposed. it is I suppose one of the quandries for a designer....give 'em headroom under the cockpit or keep the cockpit sole down low. Me I'd prefer shore cabin up front and quarter berth down the back.

In virtually all of them JRD's remark re inside steering is of course valid. Yes, we can have a joystick and engine controls at the chart table but most have very limited view forward.

I'll not post it here cos its not a modern go fast design but in the Deck Saloon thread have a butchers at a Brewer PH similar to JRD's. I'll post it in an hour or so. That boat has real inside steering with adequate view forward. I do acknowledge that in this day and age the wheel itself is redundant.

Paulo, if you do find a pic of the Arcona DS I would love to see it. I suspect she would be a beautiful boat and worth seeing. I'd figure outrageously expensive.

Fast.....I'm not sure I get the need to move the galley to the saloon. I can appreciate the ventilation issue but don't see that as insurmountable. Other than that the only advantage I see for an upstairs galley is giving the cook a view and for me that is an overated feature. Oh yes, remember that I am more likely to be the cook on the Womboat than not.

ps - Paulo....I see the MadDogs referring to plans to visit Australia but not that they intend selling the boat.

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