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Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Yes, I would have preferred a slightly less modern style (that has nothing to do with design quality, but with personal taste), but I think that the Jeanneau interior still looks pretty much like a boat interior, even if you would have preferred a slightly more classic style. Anyway it is a very good piece of interior Design.

But look at this interior:

Why would someone want to make a boat interior look like a tiny apartment?

If they make it, it is because there are a lot of people that want that. Perhaps it's me that I am misjudging. Do you like that? Do your wives like that?

Perhaps that is what I am missing. It seems a good sales strategy: Design an interior that appeal to wive's tastes, after all the interior is in many cases their domain and they will not let you buy something they don't like.


I don't have a major beef with the style of the Jeaneau interior, only parts of the layout. Quite frankly I could easily live with that interior design.

As for the way. As you say, looks like a mini apartment and as for the ticky tacky ornaments and flower arrangements...blech. Proof positive that these things are never intended to spend a night at sea, even though they are probably more than capable of doing so. Day sail, lunch break at anchor, occasional night at anchor but generally marina or tied up stern to.

That said, if it is what their client base wants, then so be it. After all Paulo, even my most favourite of yachts , Bestevaer, offers some truly appalling interior designs. Upmarket appalling no doubt, but still apalling. While a properly configured Bestevaer/Bestewind would make a truly great world cruiser they also are acknowledging that most will spend little time at sea.

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