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Angry You’re out of line, lady!


I think either you’re tired from losing sleep and aren’t thinking/writing clearly or you’re stepping over a line. What we have in your last post are rhetorical questions followed by what appear to be assertions of fact. Unless you have information that the rest of us do not (and I seriously doubt you do), what you have presented is speculation followed by uninformed opinion. To wit, with my comments in bold:

Originally Posted by xxuxx View Post
I am losing sleep and cannot help but thinking about Laura Zekoll! It doesn't matter if they lost their autopilot, if that even happened, it doesn't matter that they were seasick. Permit me a rhetorical question: How do you know that it doesn’t matter? How do you know what the condition of the crew may have been as they approached the coast? What matters is that they all were together after the vessel grounded on a reef. They were in that liferaft Together! Mr and Mrs Ross are OK, Dave Shepard is OK, Laura is Not ok!!! Speculation again What ever happened to the buddy system? Why didn't David look out for Laura? Do you know what happened the moments after the capsize? Do you know that Dave didn’t look after her? You do not! Ergo, speculation once again. The captain protected his wife, yet Laura was left to fen (sic) for herself. NOT KOOL! Speculation followed by opinion, shouted at that
My point is, that the surf that night must have been horrndously hugeand the wave and the liferaft centered, resulting in a flip and discharge of its passengers. Speculation At this point Ross looks after himself and his wife but why didn't he or Dave, the other able bodied crewmate look after Laura? Speculation, followed by, given the state of your knowledge of the situation, an unkind insinuation. (And as an aside, let me add that from everything I’ve read here about Laura, she sounds like a woman very capable of taking care of hereself.)
Instead the 3 grabbed for the liferaft and rode it in when the next set wave white water (which would be about 8 dfeet high) into the shore, about a mile away, thus leaving Laura to fen (sic) for herself. XXOXX, this is truly offensive speculation -- do you have a shed of evidence that this is true? Careful, this is a public forum and the insinuation you make here is bordering on libel. Why is the wife OK and Laura not OK? Laura was younger stronger and a better swimmer. Yes, it is now time to point fingers!! It's been a week. Seculation (on Laura’s condition at the time) followed by an opinion.
If it’s time to point fingers, permit me to point one in your direction: what you have said is uninformed by the facts, most probably extremely unkind to the people involved, and IMHO has no place in a forum like this. XXOXX, chill! Get some sleep. Come back when you have something better to offer.

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