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Bikes, boats and airplanes...

Originally Posted by HDChopper View Post
Lol neg G's I hear ya bro ! At least flying still hs some thrill left in it.

Ya I agree the Rideing has lost something after 40+ years of it , no more thrill !

So for me going to sailing & the Sea is a natural move it's the only thingI haven't done to death yet .

Thans for the Catalina info , I had taken Catalina's off my list as I am used to haveing plenty of heft ( F4's/Harleys ) and over horsepowered machines this was my thinking .... but now I am going to look them over again

Glad your haveing fun !
Yup, 40+ yrs. There was lots less traffic and lots more testosterone
way back then. I can't stand traffic. I may as well be in my minivan.
If I lived a few less hrs. to a track I wouldn't even own a road bike.
It takes a days ride now to get to where it's exciting, fun and adventuress.
Where as I'm there as soon as I step on my boat.
There's going to be a lot of long faces when I break the news that
I'm hanging up by boots for a pair of top-siders. I've ridden with the same guys I used to ride bicycles with in grade school all these years.
No matter. I'll have 'em all on boats in a couple of years.
A couple of w/e excursions to Block Island and Marthas Vineyard
should get things rolling. They need a new adventure to keep 'em young.
They're up for it .... and sailings a lot cheaper than a fully acrobatic
airplane and a Cessna ain't a Ducati. If ya know what I mean.

Yea, I had ruled Cats out. Maybe I will again some day but I had this thing
out in weather I never want to see again and the boat took it in stride.
That combined with the famous comfort and storage of this thing is a no brainer for my particular situation. If your in the area you're welcome
to come down for a sail ...though I think we're looking @ next year

Good talking to ya.

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