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Originally Posted by seaparrot View Post
Re: your two specific points. I think you are right that there is not a rub-rail on the Moodys. At least not on the one I saw in person (unless I merely forgot to mention it in my notes). Looking online, there does not appear to be one on any of the boats I flagged on yacht world.

Re: the sugar scoop. The Moody 425 I saw did have a sugar scoop, but I don't think they all do. The others I have seen are can be mounted boarded the back, but with use of a ladder, not with built-in steps. (Forgive me for not knowing the exact terms - I hope that makes sense.)

Your top list of boats for our purpose is very interesting. Right now, our working list (which I admit fully is the product of very incomplete research, and even less hands-on experience) is:

Catalina 42
Catalina 40
Moody 376
Moody 425
Tartan 42
Tayana 37 (*if* we could find one of the rare examples in which the quarter berth is enclosed, and only with fiberglass decks)
Tayana 42 (cc only, fiberglass decks)

I have been lurking on Sailnet for some time. So I will leave you to imagine where we might have gotten the idea to put Catalina 42 and 40 on our list.

I like the idea of looking further into the Sabres, but I think the 42's run a little too expensive for us. (Unless we wait an additional year, which we might if there's a good reason, I think our budget will max out in the 120,000 to 130,000 range.) Would you recommend the 38' also, or the 42' specifically?

I really want to put the Passport on our list. But I think teak decks are a deal breaker for us.

I am not sure about the Benetaus. I know this is shallow, but I think the Catalinas are better looking and I haven't noticed any features on the Benes that make me prefer them over Catalina. And there are so many 42' Catalinas on the market at any given time, that I don't think we'll have a shortage of opportunities if we decide to search out a production boat.
I doubt you will pick up a Tayana 42 that is decent in that price range. I would cross that off my list. You can pick up a very nice 37, but that thing is a slug. However, she has a very sea kindly motion in a storm and will take you anywhere and have gone everywhere. They do make them with a 2 cabin, I have seen them. But many are quarters. I would not get a boat with a open quarter with a kid. Funny, but out slip neighbor has a 10yo girl that lives aboard. He had a Han Christian 37(ish) with open quarter. He sold it to get a cabin for her and got a Moody (the one I referenced).

The C400 may be off your list too. They are more expensive boats than 42s in general. In fact, I think the 400 is actually longer and beamier than the 42, but for some reason I do not understand, they call it the 400. Good for me, because I tell all the marinas that charge by the foot I am 40 feet long (snicker).

The 42 is a relatively good performer. We have several down here that race in our beer can/buoy races. The 400 will out run her, but there is not a huge difference. The nice thing about the 42 is that there are a LOT of boats and you are more likely to get a deal on one. I alos like the very spacious 'garage' on teh 42 which is accessible from the galley and the midships head. It is a VERY comfortable boat and depending on the age, you may have a washer dryer in the forward head! Nice boat (but mine is better... hehehe... that was a joke)

There simply are not many 400's for sale at any given time (MK II). There are only 8 C400 Mk II's for sale right now, with two of them sales pending. So you would only have 6 to choose from and there has not been much flexibility in the prices... so I have heard. I know the one that is in Lake Texoma (that is where I came from) and really does not have much on it, and is going to have to be trucked anyways as it is on a lake. If you can find a good deal on a 400 - JUMP ON IT! I think you will be happy with the resale and market for her.

I would really have a problem with a boat that does not have a rub rail. We often find ourselves having to bounce off of pilings in a good current to get the boat docked. That could get expeisive without a rub rail!! I can ask my neighbor what he thinks about his Moody if you want and what his concerns are??

Tartan 42 - Great boat if not epoxy. Good performer. Good following. But you may have issues with any factory support. WIth Beneteau, Hunter, and Catalina (esp Catalina), the factory is right there and knows those boats and there are many examples of having parts and retros on very old models. Check the threads here. THeir customer service is wonderful. I understand that Hunter is too.

There you go. Hope I am not throwing too much info at you too quickly. Talk with other sailors here about getting a boat with kids without a sugar scoop (for cruising). I think it will be a big irritation.


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