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Whoever left you out in the cockpit by yourself in such unsuitable clothing should be taken out and shot, and that means the skipper. For heavens sake, it is the skippers responsibility to attend to the welfare of the crew. Failing to do so is inexcusable.

If you are going offshore or even on something as large as the Great Lakes the first thing you need is adequate wet weather gear. Jacket, Pants, Boots, Gloves. Good socks are important...preferably wool, definitely not cotton.

Some underclothing is going to be better than others but in cold though not bitterly cold weather you can get by wearing fairly normal clothes as long as your wet weather gear is quality.

Remember..good wet weather gear not only keeps you dry but also keeps you warm cos it keeps out the wind.

Spend you money on good gear but keep your cotton shirts for the Bahamas.

Originally Posted by Serendipitous View Post
Looks like I have a lot to learn about clothing from a boaters perspective. Besides knowing that foul weather gear should not be cotton, I did not know it would be a issue for everyday use. I did know that mold/mildew would be a problem for everyday storage, so I was/am planning on keeping all my clothing in plastic bags when not in use, but I did not know sitting on the boat or walking around town would be an issue with what I'm wearing. But this is also coming from a girl who spent 5 hours in soaking wet yoga pants and a fleece when crossing Lake Michigan in a storm this past summer thinking, "That kind of sucked, but so is life." (Although one reason I didn't go below to change or get foul weather gear is because everyone was sleeping and I didn't want to wake them. Selfless, or stupid, I'm still not sure which. )

I'm not looking to get a whole new wardrobe right now, all the extra money I can get is going toward our trip. I have a few synthetic blends that I'll be packing, maybe picking up a few more here or there before I go, but I think it was good advice to bring what I have and pick up more on 'the road' if I need to. And sorry QuickMick, but we're not coffee drinkers.
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