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Same thing happened to my wifes account at yahoo. Her friends received the exact same e-mail. Fortunately everyone though to call her first so I don't think they got anything. Moral Yahoo accounts are under attact. Particularly if you have a common name or post E-mail publically, (like on this board). Use a long and complex password not containing any personal information like name, address, ssn, family members name, etc...This stuff can be obtained by a simple google search. Do use a hard password like IUHh*h*&^h32453. Avoid repeating numbers or letters mix caps and small letters and symbols, AND change password often. As an added precaution avoid keeping a long list of E-mail addresses in your account in case it is hacked, delete old E-mails especially any that contain personal information or passwords. Its a bad world out there be carefull. PS its best not to bait these guys, they are often members of organized crime, AND HAVE NO SENSE OF HUMOR.
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