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trick on sealing acrylic that has to slide into a frame....

Ok so I've read all the posts about what to do and not with rebeddubg port lights. I am going to use butyl tape given the size of the windows and expansion.

I have two long 4' port light from a 1970 rawson that I am rebedding. The frame is aluminum and made of 2 parts. A piece that holds the window, and then a piece that goes on the outside to sandwich it to the deck. They're all in good condition and I can seal them nicely to the deck. All the screws are "in" the whole with a flange and don't go through the deck so it's a nice design.

But.... the frame piece that actually holds the window is made of two parts, kind of line two squat U's that go on both sides of the window and then connects with a set of screws on the short side. Hard to describe...

In any case the gist is this: when I slide the window along the short edge of the frame in the U, how do I keep all the butyl tape I put in the guide from sliding around and making a bad seal?

Can I coat it with something slippery that will go away on it's own? presumably oil's a bad idea ;-) Some soapy solution? I'm afraid to put anything at all in there given that clean enough isn't clean enough, to quote the master.

Any tricks of the trade? I can bend out the frame a little which might help but not too much for obvious reasons and near the corner it will be a problem anyways.

btw, the gap in there is quite large, there was a foamy like rubber gasket that was at least 1/4 in in there before.

sorry for the long post.....

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