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Originally Posted by Csobanc View Post
1, Since these boats are from the late 70s early 80s, (good old boat vintage era) have you had any major structural issues with these boats like fiber glass cracking in the bilge area, etc.
2, Water intrusion into the cabin top or deck plywood core? Have you needed to replace any wood cores due to rotting?
3, Standing riging: P.S.'s review also mentiones that some of the standing riging chainplates should be beefier than what they are... some of them do not have s/s or aluminum backing plates, etc. Have you needed to beef up the standing rigging supports?
4, Any beer canning effect at heavy(er) seas? Some say the built is comparable to Pearson, is the fiberglass about the same thickness?
1. I have repaired tabbing in various area where it has broken loose. The port main bulkhead rotated about 1/4" inch so I've rotated it back as much as I could and put a lot more screws in place to prevent it from doing that again. The tabbing did not break from that rotation. Bilge area is fine, no problems other than a float switch that needs replacement.

2. Yes to water intrusion. No to replacement. I've reduced most of the water intrusion so I'm hoping that I won't need to replace anything while I own it.

3. All my rigging chainplates are pretty substantial s/s all with backing plates. The weakness is where they penetrate the deck. It needs lots of caulking and frequent inspections to make sure you don't have any water intrusion there.

4. Not much. I would say the build quality is very similar to Pearsons of the time. They were direct competitors.

Unless you are buying a brand new boat, you'll have all of these problems in varying degrees. The older the boat, the more problems. My boat is 27 years old; it's in pretty good shape for that age. I think you can expect to pay a bit more per year for maintenance, like 15 - 20% of value. You can get away with less if you don't care what it looks like when you sell it.

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