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If he takes a phone call related to his business there.. holds one "party" a year, has a photo of it in his office...oh there are soo many ways...

I know a boat named "sales call"...nuff said

There were only 7 or 8 made of this particular model? Depending upon your opinion, its either "distinctively unique", "a one off bast*** child"

look, if you want the boat, buy the boat. If its perfect for what you want to do, and the price is one you can live with, pull the trigger. What does it really matter what a few people with no "dog in the hunt" say? We're an opinionated bunch, and they've been expressed.

The boat has been for sale for two years, you could have pulled this trigger a year ago, or someone else could pull it tomorrow, or it may set for another two years.

Have you offered to get it surveyed yet? that might tell the owner you're serious. (no, I'm not travelling that far, LOL)

You're looking for justification for the price you want to pay, fine. Make an offer you're comfortable with, not what we're comfortable with.

Boat prices are all over the map, listing vs offer vs actual sales price. The reasons listing for sale are all over the map as well.

The question is, what is it worth to you.

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